Shared Clipboard Not Working

I had come across this issue quite a few times when the clipboard shared between my local and remote Windows sessions did not work. Each time, I had to close my remote session and open it again to resolve the problem. Even though this took only seconds it became annoying and I tried to look for the root cause.

I found a good article on MSDN blog that explains how shared clipboard works and what causes it not to work properly. Have a look.

To fix the problem I had to open Task Manager on the remote machine and find the rdpclip.exe process that is associated to my user (other users may have their own rdpclip.exe process running). I killed that process and then tried “File > New Task (Run…)” in Task Manager and types in rdpclip and confirmed. A new rdpclip.exe process was created for my user and the shared clipboard started working again.


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